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“This is my iPad 2 I won from ibid2SAVE with under 30 bids and it cost me less than $15.00! I was very excited and the customer service was awesome. ibid2SAVE shipped it to me in under a week! I would recommend this site to anyone!”

-Philip (kidling)
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  • Fast, Reliable Shipping

    Always shipped as fast as possible.

  • Brand New Products

    Products are brand new and factory sealed.

  • Huge Savings

    You can save up to 95% off retail!
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  • Fast, Reliable Shipping

    Delivery speed varies by seller

  • Factory Sealed Products

    Products can be used and condition varies

  • Huge Savings

    Little savings on new products

Licensed Auction

Feel safe at ibid2SAVE! The NCALB has determined that we, as a company, have the ability, general knowledge, integrity, and good character required to be a legally licensed auction firm!

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